A Community-engaged Approach to Research Translation: The CIPHERS Project

Online Publication Date: 
April 13, 2022
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Awaiting Publication
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**Forthcoming in Progress in Community Health Partnerships (PCHP). All rights reserved.**
Problem: Translating research to support practice is becoming a more prominent goal in the scientific community. However, further innovation and research is needed on effective approaches to this endeavor.
Purpose: This case study describes an approach that combines the insights of diffusion of innovation theory with the philosophy and practices of community engagement.
Key Points: Elements of our approach included staged dissemination, iterative active engagement, multi-pronged and tailored messaging, use of networks, contextualization of study findings, and emergent strategy. Our work proceeded in five stages, from laying the groundwork to deepened partnership.
Conclusion: Our experience illustrates the challenges and confirms the benefits of a community engaged, partnered, and non-linear approach to research translation aimed at improving public health.