Partnership to increase care access through mobile outreach to migrant farm communities: A feasibility study

Online Publication Date:
January 2, 2024
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Awaiting Publication
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**Forthcoming in Progress in Community Health Partnerships (PCHP) 18.3. All rights reserved.**


Background: Health care access for migrant farmworkers is limited given the nature of seasonal farm work, including migration patterns, capacity, and availability of local community health services. Consideration of these contextual elements when exploring a community-academic partnership to increase access to care for migrant farmworkers is essential.
Objective: Explore the partnerships and processes for integrating nursing faculty and students from a regional public university’s School of Nursing into a farmworker health outreach program’s mobile clinic process.
Method: A feasibility study was undertaken using Bowen et al.'s1 feasibility framework. Results. Integrating faculty and students into the farmworker health outreach program’s mobile clinic process was determined to be feasible.
Conclusions: Integrating faculty providers and students into a farmworker outreach program’s mobile health process has several nuances requiring consideration before operationalizing the partnership, including nursing faculty practice (e.g., credentialing, malpractice insurance), student clinical placement processes, the farmworker outreach program’s processes, and farmworker availability.