Study of an Educational Telenovela to Teach Genomics among Latino Farmworkers and Non-farmworkers: Lessons Learned

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March 16, 2022
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**Published in Progress in Community Health Partnerships (PCHP) volume 16.4. All rights reserved.** ABSTRACT Background: Genomic knowledge is becoming increasingly relevant to health care. Development of linguistically and culturally appropriate educational resources for Latino adults with limited education and English skills is needed. Objectives: The effectiveness of a telenovela was analyzed and lessons learned provided. Methods: The team developed a telenovela to convey key genomics concepts and delivered it to 100 Latino farmworkers and non-farmworkers in North Carolina. Participants completed a pretest measuring genomic knowledge and self-efficacy, viewed the telenovela, then completed a posttest. Twenty-four participants repeated the posttest six months later. Changes in genomic knowledge and self-efficacy were calculated. Results: Overall, genomic knowledge and self-efficacy increased significantly after viewing the telenovela. Responses to two items indicated that the emphasis on epigenetics overshadowed other genomic mechanisms. Six-month follow-up results were not significantly different from pretest. Conclusion: Increased attention to graphic design principles, presentation across multiple sessions, and supplemental activities may increase telenovelas’ impact.